About Us

Our Business

Hi! We are Grateful Greens, an innovative Greens For Health Inc., Company.  We are a family-owned and managed business serving the highest quality lettuces and herbs to restaurants, grocers, food distribution companies and individual families. We utilize a fully-hydroponic Controlled Environmental Agricultural system to produce the freshest product in the market.  We pride ourselves on quality, consistent availability, reliability, perfection of the crop, and the highest-levels of service.

Unmatched Quality

By operating a 100% controlled-environment hydroponic agribusiness, we eliminate such factors as weather, soil, animals and pests from affecting our crops.  Our continuously-controlled computer monitoring system ensures that every plant is always receiving the proper nutrition for optimal and consistent quality, as well as year-round availability.

The Freshest Available

Grateful Greens primarily serves the local surrounding areas of Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Our crops are almost always harvested within 24 hours of the delivery and in most cases harvested in the early-morning hours for same day delivery.  Because we deliver crops to our customers with root systems still intact, the shelf-life far exceeds the competition.  Our environmental control and hygiene system ensures that the customer hands are the very first to ever touch the crop.  Orders and product requests can be placed at orders@gratefulgreensproduce.com