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Our Services

Our Company provides the highest quality lettuces and herbs primarily serving the Kentucky, Indiana and Southern Ohio markets with daily deliveries and shipments.  However, we can ship to any place in the United States or around the globe -- recently delivering our first international order to Europe.

Current Availability

Grateful Greens has full availability of all crop offerings.  During the second-half of 2017, the Company had various R&D initiatives with new product offerings and now has introduced Red Bibb and Red Romaine to its offerings.  Product requests can be placed at

Recent News & Events

On Wednesday January 2, 2019, the Company made the following announcement:

"Grateful Greens is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Food Literacy Project, a farm-based educational program for local youth. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the Food Literacy Project offers hands-on experience of the 'Field-to-Fork' movement, transforming farms into classrooms.

We are excited to sponsor a program that encourages health, wellness, and the entrepreneurial spirit."


Can Grateful Greens grow a specific variety of crop for a specific customer?  Yes.  Grateful Greens often gets requests to grow a certain crop.  With proper lead-time, we can provide almost any lettuce or herb to our customers.  Unlike the standard ordering process, this service does require a standing order and a purchase contract.

Are the Grateful Greens crops organic?  No.  We support the hydroponic system with a group of vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, potassium, zinc and copper.  These nutrients do not allow for the crop to be certified organic.  However, these essential vitamins ensure a delicious and consistent crop.

Does Grateful Greens operate at any farmers markets?  Previously, the Company operated at various farmers markets.  The Company will now supply other vendors and the Grateful Greens product will now be available at even more farmers markets.  Farmers market operators should contact Grateful Greens if they would like to offer our products.