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Our Company provides the highest quality lettuces and herbs primarily serving the Kentucky, Indiana and Southern Ohio markets with daily deliveries and shipments.  However, we can ship to any place in the United States or around the globe -- recently delivering our first international order to Europe.

Current Availability

After a significant maintenance program to the crop hydroponic system May 17-31, 2017, Grateful Greens returned to full crop availability on June 1.  See Our Crops page for a full listing of availability.  All product requests can be placed at

Recent News

May 12, 2017

Grateful Greens announced that 

W. Jeff Walker has been appointed Managing Director of the Company.  In this capacity, Walker is to set a new vision for the Company and has full strategic and operational control.  In a press release today, the shareholders of Grateful Greens stated that the Board was "seeking a new direction for Grateful Greens and remains committed to the values of quality, service, integrity and reliability."  They added that "Walker brings a successful global and diverse business experience that will add value and growth to the organization."

July 15, 2017

Grateful Greens announced that Neil Partin becomes Manager of Growing Operations.  Managing Director W. Jeff Walker stated that "Neil brings an intensity and expertise to our business.  His dedication to quality and reliability confirms the Company's commitment to these values."


Can anyone order from Grateful Greens?  Absolutely!  We serve a vast array of customers from individual families to large produce distribution companies.  For our larger corporate accounts and restaurant accounts, it's typical that standing orders are put in place to ensure availability.

Can Grateful Greens grow a specific variety of crop for a specific customer?  Yes.  Grateful Greens often gets requests to grow a certain crop.  With proper lead-time, we can provide almost any lettuce or herb to our customers.  Unlike the standard ordering process, this service does require a standing order and a purchase contract.

Are the Grateful Greens crops organic?  No.  We provide a nutrient mix to give the crops quality nutrition -- nutrients such as calcium and potassium.  Adding these types of vitamins does not qualify the crop to be organic.  But adding these vitamins ensures a quality, reliable, nutritious and delicious product.