Our Crops

Lettuces and Specialty Lettuces

From many red and green lettuce varieties to red vein and green sorrels, bibb, mini-romaine to our own proprietary southern, spicy and spring mixes, we provide a lettuce offering that complements our other greens such as arugula, cress and kales.


Grateful Greens offers the most amazing basil available.  These beautiful and intensely flavorful Genovese basil leaves are unmatched.  Additionally, vibrant cilantro, chives, mint, orange mint, sage and thyme are some of our most popular herbs.

Micro Greens

Increasingly Chefs are identifying ways to add an extra special touch and flavor to all of their plates.  Grateful Greens can provide any micro green from the lettuce and specialty lettuce offering and beyond -- micro basil, celery, radish, beet, chard, mint and tangerine lace are some of the common creations that our customers demand from us.

Sprouts and Edible Flowers

Snow pea shoots, wheatgrass, edible flowers and leaves round-out the Grateful Greens menu. Pea shoots add an unbelievable burst of freshness to any dish.  Our edible flowers and leaves add incredible color and taste to plates and drinks.

New Varieties Introduced in 2018

Grateful Greens introduced two new lettuce varieties that are receiving incredibly positive reviews.  The Red Bibb is a beautiful alternative to our Butter Lettuce or Green Bibb that is remarkable -- a great salad feature lettuce and a beautiful addition to platter garnishing.  The new Red Romaine is grown to a medium sized leaf and adds a beautiful color and crunch to plates.