Welcome to Grateful Fresh, our very own home delivery service for all your produce needs!


About Grateful Fresh

Grateful Fresh was started as a response to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of our business deals with supplying restaurants in the Southern Indiana and Louisville Kentucky areas with high quality lettuce herbs and spices. Due to the recent restrictions on movement as well as business closures we dedicated our time to shift our operating structure to meet the needs of our community. Grateful Fresh aims to satisfy our communities needs for food by providing high quality lettuce, herbs, vegetables, fruits and legumes delivered straight to your door. 

Our operating procedures have always had the highest priority on health and safety. From the moment our produce is planted to the moment you receive it no hand has touched the product. At all times our planters, growers, and packagers are wearing gloves to reduce the chance of passing on any type of pathogen. Our handling practices paired with our delivery straight to your door allows for each of our customers to mitigate their risk during the COVID-19 crisis. 

We take pride in supplying our communities with the highest of quality produce, and we hope you are able to find something in our catalog to fit your food needs. 


Grateful Fresh & Grateful Greens Team